Work on urban rodent issues in Antananarivo, Madagascar

We’re excited to share this blog featuring our work in Antananarivo as part of the SCARIA project. This initiative aims to develop sustainable, community-based strategies for managing rodent issues in African cities, including Niamey, Cotonou, Wolaita Sodo, and Antananarivo.

In Antananarivo, we discovered intriguing rodent behaviors, such as high mobility and frequent movement between rice paddies and urban areas. Our student Tahiana used innovative tracking methods to study these patterns, revealing essential insights for effective rodent control.

Our efforts are deeply rooted in co-designing solutions with local communities through local working groups, educational campaigns, and participatory mapping. By engaging researchers and residents collaboratively, we enhance understanding on both sides. This approach is particularly crucial in slums with challenging living conditions and complex socio-cultural structures. It’s a continuous learning process, and together, we are gradually developing an approach for urban Ecologically-Based Rodent Management.

Join us in exploring these findings and learn how we’re making strides towards sustainable rodent management.

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