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Rodent Green Management is a company that envisions to build a community of practice and research for eco-friendly innovative rodent management. We are a team of researchers, environmentalists, farmers, entrepreneurs, rodent experts and government partners, all together working towards the same goal: effective ecological and biological rodent control to safeguard food production and storage.

We are keen to share the experience and help others set up rodent management programs, tailored to each specific situation.

The Green Rodent Control team offers its services to assist with promotion and developing EBRM campaigns in each country.

Feel free to reach out to us with any query or idea! You can send an email to Luwieke Bosma: lbosma@metameta.nl 


Storage solutions

Food and farm products all over the world need to be stored to keep over time. This ranges from storage … Continued

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Knowledge generation Rodent Green approaches

Are you a farmer, consultant, student, rodent expert or in any way interested to learn and share on how to … Continued

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One of the most important rodent pest management activities involves regular inspection of rodent presence and activities in crop fields … Continued

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Research and testing on EBRM innovations (lab & field)

Worldwide there are many concerns on the long-term effects of chemical rodenticides. This is captured for instance in new EU … Continued

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Meet the Team...

Sukru Esin

Country Manager Turkey

Luwieke Bosma

Program Manager

Meheretu Yonas


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