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A review on the effects of alien rodents in the Balearic (Western Mediterranean Sea) and Canary Islands (Eastern Atlantic Ocean)

Review of the ecological impacts of alien rodents on the biodiversity of the Balearic and the Canary Islands Authors: A. … Continued

Review of negative effects of introduced rodents on small mammals on islands

Author: Donna B. Harris

Changes in farmers’ knowledge, attitudes and practices after implementation of ecologically-based rodent management in the uplands of Lao PDR

Authors: Peter R. Brown, Khamouane Khamphoukeo

Eco-friendly Management of Rodent Pests Using Tanjore-bow Trap in Irrigated Rice Fields, Tiruchirappalli District, Tamil Nadu

Authors: Sakthivel Palaniyandi & Periyasamy Neelanarayanan

Rodent-borne diseases and their risks for public health

In this review article a large number of pathogens that are directly or indirectly transmitted by rodents are described, and … Continued

Ecologically based rodent management–IRRI’s 2009 Annual Report

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