Knowledge generation Rodent Green approaches

Are you a farmer, consultant, student, rodent expert or in any way interested to learn and share on how to manage rodent populations in an eco-friendly manner? Then you find yourself on the right website. We are dedicated to developing practical materials that can help those involved in rodent management in the field with applicable solutions fine-tuned to the local context. We try to give as many people access to this valuable information, please share it out widely and contact us to enhance our outreach. More specifically we are involved in:
  • Training and capacity building for farmers and program implementers
  • Community-based participatory program facilitation
  • Developing training materials, manuals and popular knowledge products
  • Support job creation in providing EBRM products and services locally.
  • Promotion and outreach of EBRM in decision-making
  Visit our resources page to find practical manuals, videos, articles and much more!  

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