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Rodent Pests and their Control, 2nd Edition

This book combines information from the scientific research with advice about the practical implementation of rodent pest management programmes. The … Continued

Field methods for rodent studies in Asia and the Indo-Pacific

This book summarises current knowledge of the 20+ rodents that are major agricultural pests in SE Asia as well as … Continued

Rats, mice and people: rodent biology and management

All the papers published in this book were presented at the 2nd International Conference on Rodent Biology and Management. They … Continued

IRRI Agronomy Challenge: Rat and Bird Control (13 January 2012)

A brief interview of Grant Singleton on rat and bird management in lowland irrigated rice.

Non-chemical Control of Rodents in Lowland Irrigated Rice Crops

ACIAR Research Notes summarise results and benefits from selected projects, in this case on alternative control methods for rodents in … Continued

Recent Advances in Rodent Pest Management

Presentation on the latest updates in the field of rodents management by N. Srinivasa Rao.

13th European Vertebrate Pest Management Conference

Summary of the 2023 European Vertebrate Pest Management Conference, focusing on topics covering a wide range of disciplines and taxa, … Continued

A comparative assessment on rodent impacts and cultural perceptions of ecologically based rodent management in three Afro-Malagasy farming regions

Study assessing the household impacts of rodent pests and current perceptions and preferences associated with several rodent control measures. Authors: … Continued

Rodent biology and ecologically based rodent management (EBRM)—25 years of progress through promoting multidisciplinary research

Authors: Singleton GR, Hinds LA, Makundi R, Belmain SR.

Effects of harvesting and stubble management on abundance of pest rodents (Mus musculus) in a conservation agriculture system

Research on the effects of various crop management practices associated with conservation agriculture on pest rodent population dynamics. Authors: Wendy … Continued

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