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13th European Vertebrate Pest Management Conference

Summary of the 2023 European Vertebrate Pest Management Conference, focusing on topics covering a wide range of disciplines and taxa, … Continued

Balancing food security, vertebrate biodiversity, and healthy rice agroecosystems in Southeast Asia

Review summarizing the literature on the ecosystem benefits that amphibians, birds, bats, and rodents support in the context of the … Continued

Rodents in Agriculture: A Broad Perspective

Article reviewing examples and details of rodents management methods, both lethal and non-lethal. Author: Gary Witmer

Rodent management and cereal production in Asia: Balancing food security and conservation

Identification of challenges for rodents management Authors: Grant R Singleton, Renee P. Lorica, Nyo Me Htwee and Alexander M. Stuart

Conservation agriculture practices have changed habitat use by rodent pests: implications for management of feral house mice

Paper on the influence of conservation agriculture and mice habitat in cropped fields.   Authors: Wendy A. Ruscoe · Peter … Continued

Explaining the Effect of Crop-Raiding on Food Security of Subsistence Farmers of KwaZulu Natal, South Africa

Authors: Tlou D. Raphela & Neville Pillay

Climate‑smart pest management: building resilience of farms and landscapes to changing pest threats

Review of climate-smart pest management strategies and challenges of adoption. Read paper > Authors: Luca Heeb, Emma Jenner, Matthew J. … Continued

Geo-trekking in Ethiopia’s Tropical Mountains

Book describing the Dogu’a Tembien area, investigating an Ethiopia district on the natural and social environment. Authors: Jan Nyssen, Miro … Continued

The New Integrated Pest Management Paradigm for the Modern Age

Description of a new model for IPM paradigm, including management, business and sustainability aspects. Author: Surendra K. Dara  

A meeting of mice and men: rodent impacts on food security, human diseases and wildlife conservation; ecosystem benefits; fascinating biological models

Authors: Grant R. Singleton, Jens Jacob, Charles J. Krebs and Ara Monadjem

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