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13th European Vertebrate Pest Management Conference

Summary of the 2023 European Vertebrate Pest Management Conference, focusing on topics covering a wide range of disciplines and taxa, … Continued

Urban Rats (Rattus norvegicus) through a One Health Lens: Social and Ecological Factors Promote Opportunities for Urban Leptospirosis in Rats, Dogs, and People

By studying rats and residents on the same blocks, this study found that lower-income residents had more exposure to rat … Continued

Farmers’ Attitudes in Connection with the Potential for Rodent Prevention in Livestock Farming in a Municipality in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany

Rodents threaten the one health approach in livestock farming. In this case study, livestock farmers collaborated with a pest controller … Continued

Meta-analyses reveal the importance of socio-psychological factors for farmers’ adoption of sustainable agricultural practices

Transitioning agricultural systems requires understanding farmers’ motivations for implementing sustainable agriculture. By using meta-analysis models, we quantified the importance of … Continued

The Role of One Health Approach Research for the Conservation of Endemic Wild Animals and Mitigation of Future Public Health Threat in Bale Mountains National Park, Ethiopia

Integrated research related to identification of pathogens found in wild animal and human lives in surrounding the Bale Mountains national … Continued

Living with rodent pests: Unifying stakeholder interests to prioritise pest management in rural Madagascar

Article investigating for participatory approach facilitation to rodent control in Madagascar. Key stakeholders are identified and mapped; a multisector framework … Continued

Does it matter who advises farmers? Pest management choices with public and private extension

Article investigating whether farmers receiving advice on pest management strategies from public or from private (pesticide company affiliated) extension services … Continued

Molecular epidemiology of rodent-, shrew- and bat-borne hantaviruses in Mbeya region, Tanzania

Master Thesis Author: Lwitiho Edwin Sudi  

Beyond zoonosis: the mental health impacts of rat exposure on inner-city residents

Master thesis reviewing the published literature to explore the effect of rat exposure on mental health among inner-city residents. Author: … Continued

Public Health and Rodents: A Game of Cat and Mouse

This chapter describes four factors that determine the risk and severity of human infection by zoonotic pathogens of rodents: human … Continued

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