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Field methods for rodent studies in Asia and the Indo-Pacific

This book summarises current knowledge of the 20+ rodents that are major agricultural pests in SE Asia as well as … Continued

Rats, mice and people: rodent biology and management

All the papers published in this book were presented at the 2nd International Conference on Rodent Biology and Management. They … Continued

13th European Vertebrate Pest Management Conference

Summary of the 2023 European Vertebrate Pest Management Conference, focusing on topics covering a wide range of disciplines and taxa, … Continued

Vegetation cover and food availability shapes the foraging activity of rodent pests in and around maize fields

Study using the giving-up-density and landscape of fear to monitor foraging activity of rodent pests changes in and around maize … Continued

Habitat Suitability for Small Mammals in Mediterranean Landscapes: How and Why Shrubs Matter

Study assessing the role of changes in shrub cover and shrub preference by small mammals along the Mediterranean post-fire succession. … Continued

A review of mammal eradications on Mediterranean islands

Review of mammal eradications carried out on Mediterranean islands and project implementation and monitoring aspects. Author: Dario Capizzi

Species composition and community structure of small pest rodents (Muridae) in cultivated and fallow fields in maize‐growing areas in Mayuge district, Eastern Uganda

Authors: Alex Mayamba, Robert M. Byamungu, Rhodes H. Makundi, Didas N. Kimaro, Moses Isabirye, Apia W. Massawe, David Kifumba, Alice … Continued

Europe‑wide outbreaks of common voles in 2019

Authors : Jens Jacob, Christian Imholt, Constantino Caminero‑Saldaña, Geofroy Couval, Patrick Giraudoux, Silvia Herrero‑Cófreces, Győző Horváth, Juan José Luque‑Larena, Emil … Continued

Annotated checklist, taxonomy and distribution of rodents in Ethiopia

Rodents distributional maps from published literature, museum collections, field surveys etc. Access resource > Authors: Josef BRYJA, Yonas MEHERETU, Radim … Continued

Responses of small mammal communities to environment and agriculture in a rural mosaic landscape

Study assessing the driving factors of small mammal communities in agricultural landscapes. Response of small mammals to environmental variables is … Continued

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