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On rodents in coastal Bangladesh

Snapshot from Basurabad, coastal Bangladesh. Read more >

On storage

Blog on rodents damage, public health and hygiene challenges and community campaigns in Ethiopia. Read blog >

“Rats are gods, shrews are goddesses”

Blog on rodents damage in Madhya Pradesh, India Read blog >

Traditional rat trapping methods in Madhya Pradesh, India

Blog reviewing traditional rodent control methods in Madhya Pradesh, India. Read more >

TBS: an Ecologically-based Rodent Management technique that can work for Ugandan Farmers

Blog on the Trap Barrier System, an EBRM strategy to reduce rodents populations in fields. Read blog >

Agriculture has a rodent problem

Blog on rodent damage caused in agriculture and bio-rodenticide solution. Read more >

Improving hygiene and health: village level ecologically based rodent management

Blog on the integration of EBRM strategies on village level (vEBRM). Read more >

Rodenticides in Ethiopia – a short account

Blog on the market and supply of rodenticides in Ethiopia. Read more >

Protecting the granary: the need for EBRM in Sahelian Niger

Blog on the public perception of rodents in Niger and EBRM options. Read more >

Establishing EBRM in Ethiopia – Part 3: Collective implementation and ways forward

This is the third in a series of blog posts describing the development and implementation of ecological-based rodent management (EBRM) in Ethiopia. It describes … Continued

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