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Recent Advances in Rodent Pest Management

Presentation on the latest updates in the field of rodents management by N. Srinivasa Rao.

Rodents KAP survey results + knowledge

Presentation of the discussion conducted on the KAP survey results and local rodent knowledge in India

Baseline Study Results

Results of a baseline survey conducted in Nepal on rodent issues, species, perceptions and management in local communities

Ecological and biological rodent control

Presentation on the preliminary results on developing a bio-rodenticide and integrating EBRM

A showcase of the biorodenticide development in Amhara, Ethiopia

Presentation on the development of a bio-rodenticide, EBRM service and cooperation

Assessing the global rodent challenge

Presentation on global issues caused by rodents and management strategies

Rodents and related public health issues in urban settings

Presentation on rodents public health issues in urban contexts

From observational research towards an early warning system and integrated rodent management strategies in the valley of river Senegal

Presentation on rodent management strategies in Senegal

Evaluating the impact and needs for rodent management in Senegal and Mauritania

Presentation on rodents damage and management in West Africa

Ecological approaches for the integrated management of rodent populations in rural areas of the Senegal River delta: a step forward in the prevention of agricultural risks

Presentation on the management strategies of rodents in Senegal.

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