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Optimal Control of Rat-Borne Leptospirosis in an Urban Environment

Study presenting a framework to find time-dependent control measures for rodent-borne leptospirosis using optimal control mathematical model theory Authors: Minter … Continued

Natural Pesticides (Biopesticides) and Uses in Pest Management – A Critical Review

This paper focuses on new types of biopesticides, examine the specificity to harmful pests, and the selectivity to beneficial animals. … Continued

Assessment of policy instruments for pesticide use reduction in Europe; Learning from a systematic literature review

This paper focuses on the effectiveness of public and private policy instruments in terms of reducing pesticide use by farmers … Continued

Anticoagulant Rodenticides, Islands and Animal Welfare Accountancy

Anticoagulant rodenticides are a mainstay of rodent management in many domestic, municipal, agricultural, and conservation settings. Anticoagulant poisoning has poor … Continued

Species composition and community structure of small pest rodents (Muridae) in cultivated and fallow fields in maize‐growing areas in Mayuge district, Eastern Uganda

Authors: Alex Mayamba, Robert M. Byamungu, Rhodes H. Makundi, Didas N. Kimaro, Moses Isabirye, Apia W. Massawe, David Kifumba, Alice … Continued

Europe‑wide outbreaks of common voles in 2019

Authors : Jens Jacob, Christian Imholt, Constantino Caminero‑Saldaña, Geofroy Couval, Patrick Giraudoux, Silvia Herrero‑Cófreces, Győző Horváth, Juan José Luque‑Larena, Emil … Continued

Annotated checklist, taxonomy and distribution of rodents in Ethiopia

Rodents distributional maps from published literature, museum collections, field surveys etc. Access resource > Authors: Josef BRYJA, Yonas MEHERETU, Radim … Continued

Species composition and community structure of small pest rodents (Muridae) in cultivated and fallow fields in maize‐ growing areas in Mayuge district, Eastern Uganda

Study of the ecology of small rodents and establishment of the species composition and community structure in a maize‐based agro-ecosystem. … Continued

Unbiased Sampling for Rodents and Other Small Mammals: How to Overcome Neophobia Through Use of an Electronic-Triggered Live Trap – A Preliminary Test

Authors: R. Stryjek, A. Kalinowski, M. Parsons

Parameters That Affect Fear Responses in Rodents and How to Use Them for Management

Review exploring the current knowledge on the sensory mechanisms and rodents capabilities.   Authors: Miguel A. Bedoya-Pérez, Kristie Leigh Smith, … Continued

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