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Demographic drivers of Norway rat populations from urban slums in Brazil

Efficient population control, especially in urban settings, is dependent on knowledge of rat demography and population ecology. This study analyzed … Continued

Small mammals in the big city: Behavioural adjustments of non-commensal rodents to urban environments

Study investigating whether behavioural differences arise between rural and urban populations of non-commensal rodents; and whether these differences result from … Continued

Trends in urban rodent monitoring and mitigation: improving our understanding of population and disease ecology, surveillance and control

Research presenting a picture of the complex interactions between rats and the urban environment. Access resource > Authors: Michael H. … Continued

Biomarkers Potency to Monitor Non-target Fauna Poisoning by Anticoagulant Rodenticides

This review provides an overview of the toxicodynamic and toxicokinetic parameters of anticoagulant rodenticides in different animal species. The study … Continued

Anticoagulant rodenticides and resistance development in rodent pest species – A comprehensive review

This review draws together reported incidences of anti-vitamin K (AVK) resistance in the literature and the underlying mechanisms suspected of … Continued

A review of mammal eradications on Mediterranean islands

Review of mammal eradications carried out on Mediterranean islands and project implementation and monitoring aspects. Author: Dario Capizzi

Advances in postharvest management of cereals and grains

Book on the impact of rodents on stored grain, rodent pest species and biology, types of rodent damage and strategies … Continued

Efficacy of Management and Monitoring Methods to Prevent Post-Harvest Losses Caused by Rodent

Study assessing stored rice losses in local households and rice milling factories in Bangladesh. The effect of different rodent control … Continued

Ecologically-based Rodent Control (April 08, 2020)

In this webinar, Luwieke Bosma from MetaMeta and Getachew Engdayehu from Amhara Bureau of Agriculture and Rural Development share their … Continued


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