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Habitat Suitability for Small Mammals in Mediterranean Landscapes: How and Why Shrubs Matter

Study assessing the role of changes in shrub cover and shrub preference by small mammals along the Mediterranean post-fire succession. … Continued

Socio-environmental changes and rodent populations in lowland agroecosystems of the lower delta of the River Senegal, West Africa: results of observations over a decade, 2008-2019

Study determining the factors underlying the phases of increased rodent abundance over a ten-year (2008 to 2019) sampling period during … Continued

Farmer’s perspectives of rodent pests’ damage and management practices in Wenchi highlands, central Ethiopia

KAP study in Wenchi highlands, central Ethiopia Authors: Kabeta Legese and Afework Bekele  

Optimizing the capture of neophobic rice field rats in lowland Asian rice ecosystems

Authors: Renee P. Lorica, Alexander M. Stuart, Grant R. Singleton, Sudarmajid and Steven R. Belmain

In search of the Holy Grail of Rodent control: Step-by-step implementation of safe and sustainable-by-design principles on the example of rodenticides

Concept study illustrating the potential for improvement in the field of chemical rodent control when applying available techniques of green … Continued

Farmers’ Knowledge, Attitudes, and Control Practices of Rodents in an Agricultural Area of Taiwan

Study surveying farmers in an agricultural area of northwestern Taiwan on their knowledge, attitudes, and control practices for rodent pests. … Continued

Living with rodent pests: Unifying stakeholder interests to prioritise pest management in rural Madagascar

Article investigating for participatory approach facilitation to rodent control in Madagascar. Key stakeholders are identified and mapped; a multisector framework … Continued

On rodents in coastal Bangladesh

Snapshot from Basurabad, coastal Bangladesh. Read more >

“Rats are gods, shrews are goddesses”

Blog on rodents damage in Madhya Pradesh, India Read blog >

Establishing EBRM in Ethiopia – Part 3: Collective implementation and ways forward

This is the third in a series of blog posts describing the development and implementation of ecological-based rodent management (EBRM) in Ethiopia. It describes … Continued

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